Surfing at Widemouth

No mavericks here! Widemouth Bay in Cornwall is a beauty with no beast, offering a mellow beach break with gentle waves over dark sand for beginner surfers who amass with their families and friends all through the year.

It’s working at its best from mid to high tide and can reach between 6 -8ft on super clean days, attracting advanced surfers. Paddle outs are never a struggle, unless surfers hit Widemouth on a wintry onshore day.

If you want to try some advanced surfing at Widemouth Bay, make your way south to Black Rock, which is basically what it says on the tin, but with hollow and fast waves rolling over it with the potential for solid 10ft north westerly swells on big days.

Ample parking overlooks Widemouth Bay, courtesy of North Cornwall District council. And it’s well worth buying a season ticket to save your coins, because if you’re new to surfing you’ll want to come back here time and time again.

A popular takeaway is located nearby and usually populated by all types of surfers, tossing a coin to decide between Widemouth North or Black Rock South.

Surf challenge: 5