Surfing at Watergate Bay

Home to the Extreme Academy and Fifteen Cornwall, Watergate Bay is a consistent all year round beach break, and therefore very popular with surfers of all abilities. The waves are powerful but not too painful, but then the occasional barrel out of nowhere will keep you on your toes.

The bigger the swell at Watergate Bay, the messier the conditions for surfers, but clean and glassy chest to head high waves are not unheard of when a good south westerly wind blows. Keep an eye out for powerful rips at both the west and eastern side of Watergate Bay.

Watergate Bay in Cornwall is a haven for all types of surfer, tourists and surf schools who flock to this popular spot in the summer to catch a peak, stretch out on its sandy beach or enjoy a drink and some food at the Beach Hut Bistro, Fifteen Cornwall and the Phoenix Bar.

Parking is competitive in the summer, and expensive, but available.

Surf challenge: 6