Surfing at Porthleven

The most notorious and challenging surf spot in Cornwall is Porthleven where only the bravest and experienced adrenaline seeking surfers venture.

It is argued to have the best right hand break in the UK, smashing over a shallow flat rock ledge at the speed of lightning and producing a perfect tubing wave on super clean days.

But error is not an option unless you want to wrestle with rock at low tide, experience lengthy pin-downs on overhead days, or discover the wonderful world of caving at high tide. Oh and the rip is a bit of a drag too.

The adventurous and advanced paddle out along the harbour channel to get to the reef, which works before mid to before high.

On the left of the pier at Porthleven there is a smaller reef break which breaks left and right and ideally less powerful if the bigger brother on the right gives you the shivers.

Porthleven is a no go for surfing novices who prefer to wonder around the harbour town, which is busy at the height of summer, or sit on the harbour wall watching the brave.

It’s Leven heaven for adrenaline seeking surfers only.

Surf challenge: 9