Surfing at Perranporth

One of the longest beaches in Cornwall by far, the colossal Perranporth is probably visible from space. Its gorgeous sandy beach and bustling town attracts millions of summer sun seekers every year.

Cornish surfers regularly head to Droskyn Point, on the far left, to catch good sized and shaped waves, produced by sandbars, protected from southwesterlies.

Further up the beach, almost gladiatorial battles ensue in the height of summer as surfers, bodyboarders, kayakers and swimmers wedged between flags, fight for a multitude of peaks, whilst eagle eyed beach lifeguards on the bonnets of their 4x4s watch on. Rips are sometimes a problem, but all in all, surfing at Perranporth Beach is good fun when the sun is shining.

Penhale Sands at the end of Perranporth Beach is a blissfully sheltered, often quiet spot to surf in the summer, with clean waves when the wind blows right. It’s a long walk from the main beach or a steep descent from Penhale Caravan and Campsite Park, but worth the exertion. Wear your flak jacket if the army is training nearby.

Perranporth’s very own beach bar, The Watering Hole sits in the centre of the beach, offering food and drink for thirsty surfers and visiting crowds, as well as volleyball nets and trampolines for children with low attention spans.

There is a large car park in the town and some excellent board and equipment hire shops.

Surf challenge: 6