Surfing at Lusty Glaze

Surfing at Lusty Glaze Beach is a sheltered and safe experience. Located in the heart of Newquay, below 200ft cliffs from the coast road, privately owned Lusty Glaze Beach is home to a range of outdoor pursuits and a lovely beach restaurant!

It’s an attractive beach, uniting with neighbouring Tolcarne Beach on a low tide. Notoriously steep steps are all that stands between you and this semi-consistent beach break which offers good shaped waves, and the odd barrel to wake you up when a wintry south westerly is blowing.

Come summer, Lusty Glaze Beach, like all the town beaches in Newquay becomes packed with tourists, sun seekers and an army of mainly novice to intermediate surfers rammed together on the crest of a waist to chest high wave.

Town facilities are nearby for all your needs, but the Lusty Glaze Restaurant & Bar is right on the beach for instant refreshment and to give you some energy to get back up the steps…

Surf challenge: 5