Surfing at Harlyn

3 miles west of Padstow, Harlyn Bay is a popular surf spot in Cornwall and gets more popular with each passing year, as more and more surfers are drawn to Harlyn when elsewhere monstrous waves and stormy winds are turning the surf into an inaccessible milkshake.

Intermediate and experienced surfers at Harlyn love the hollow peaking waves that can rise to 6ft at mid tide, but run (or paddle) for shelter when the high tide brings rocky rides and regressive rips into play.

The east side of Harlyn is normally bigger, attracting more advanced surfers and sometimes it can get really big, albeit accompanied by an inconsistency.

Harlyn Bay is also a haven for wildlife and a natural testament to the beauty of Cornwall, attracting armies of cliff walkers and sun seekers all through the year.

The Harlyn Inn sits right on the beach and is ideal for taking in the beauty of the bay whilst swigging from a sneaky pint after a good surf.

Surf challenge: 6