Surfing at Crantock

Surfing at Crantock Beach requires a long walk to the water when the tide is low, courtesy of two distant car parks at either end of the beach separated by a heap of mountainous sand dunes and happy sun worshippers in the middle.

But after the huff and the puff of lugging your longboard along the length of Cornwall, it’s often worth it. Protected from south westerly winds, there is often a good peak or two lurking in the sheltered westerly corner of the beach. Many experienced surfers’ also use the river on the east side for a quick paddle out to some challenging banks.

Other north coast surf spots get the bigger waves, which is why the surfer crowds here are minimal.

It’s a good beach for learners, but keep your eye out for a frustrating to worrying rip on the west wide, and wintry ‘big days’ when wave height rears its monstrous head well over yours.

A good thirst quencher is available in the form of the Bowgie Inn on the west side of Crantock.

Surf challenge: 6